BBoy/Popper/Locker StingRey Sponsorship

Raymond "StingRey" Pratt is a BBoy pioneer that hails from Las Vegas, NV, and has been dancing since 1981. He is a triple threat with his bboying, poppin', and lockin' skills. 

StingRey and other dancer friends first formed City Break Force in the early 1980's. The group later split into 2, and StingRey founded the legendary Rock Skittle Krew, which is a household name in the Vegas Valley. 

StingRey's talents led him to becoming a true professional; which opened doors to bookings for many shows that included BreakDance Fever, American Band Stand, and Soul Train. 

StingRey was apart of a 3 man act called "The Untouchables". It was a street breakdancing comedic act. They toured Europe for 10 years, touching base every where from Portugal to Sweden and everything in between.

When StingRey returned to Las Vegas after his 10 year tour, he was hired as a mime at the Paris hotel on the Las Vegas strip. 

He also has performed as an impersonator with his staple characters, Johnny Depp's "Tonto", and Bruno Mars. 

StingRey is still often featured in documentaries of his amazing dance career. He stays active in the dancing community by teaching classes, and continues to being booked for promo videos, modeling, and events. 

StingRey can be found on IG @88o4stingrey and often featured on Legendary Empowerment youtube channel.