About LE

Legendary Empowerment was established in August 2013.

 It was built on the love of nostalgia, and wanting to share that love through the creative expression in fashion. It is strongly influenced from the cultures of the 90's that the owner was deeply involved with in Hawai'i and Las Vegas; both places where Bree the sole owner of LE was raised.

 Bree was born in Anaheim, CA in 1982, and is of Irish decent with a multi-cultural family.  She moved to Hawai'i at a young age, and then to Las Vegas during high school in 1997. She returned to Hawai'i post High School Graduation for a couple years, and eventually resettled back into the 702. 

People often ask where the inspiration came from. In the 90's, Bree used to make custom shirts, jackets, headwear to represent her party crew. She made them not only for herself, but her homegirls. "It started off with iron on letters from Wal-Mart and custom embroidery from the Fantastic Indoor Swapmeet". 

Bree continued over the years to still customize clothing for herself. One day, she just said "I don't know how to go about this, or do it, and make it happen, but here I go. It is going to work". 

Bree works as an experienced nurse (Licensed practical Nurse), and stays extremely busy with juggling creative projects with Legendary Empowerment.

Positive messages of empowerment, community, and unity, is what is attached to each piece of clothing (a long with some nostalgic humor), and a huge dose of love and gratitude.

LE often participates in community causes and movements. Bree, has been a voice (guest speaker) for LGBTQ representation, and Women Empowerment events. "Hawai'i absolutely shaped my passion for social injustices, and why I stay active in doing my part into raising awareness and giving back.  

LE is a strong supporter of other small businesses.

Notable mentions:

Magazine features: 

Seattle based Magazine: Ink Pushers 2014

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Lowrider Magazine (Digital version) 2019

HipLatina Mag 2020

Radio/Podcasts interviews:

Classic Glamour Dolls Radio (Inland Empire, CA) 2013

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Bellisimo Radio (Limerick, Ireland) 2020

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Independent film feature: Muerto Amor 2014